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RESULTS AS OF: 10/30/2017

With  the ELD deadline less than 8 weeks away our most current survey of 1,600 carriers shows only 37% of fleets operating 5 to 100 trucks are now compliant.  

This is a significant increase from our survey in early October.  At that time only 23% had or were in the process of installing ELDs.  

37% is still shockingly low though.  It looks like the run up all the way to the final deadline on April 1st is going to be one chaotic mess. 

What happens to capacity?  How about rates?  How are shippers going to react? Will it harm the economy?  

I'm not sure myself.  Andrew Lockwood from Kenco has written an excellent blog post on the topic though: 2 Out Of 3 Small-Fleet Carriers Not Prepared For Upcoming ELD Mandate.

Check out the latest survey analytics provided by Andrew Lockwood with Kenco Group. 

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