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"Spending hours upon hours developing a carrier base is not always an easy task. Carrierlists.com has made a very user friendly carrier list helps save time and man hours searching for carriers in several specialized modes."

Rod Brown

Operations Manager, Ruan

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North American Heavy Haul Carriers 
1,000 US and Canadian Based Heavy Haul Trucking Companies 







Your sourcing tool for covering more loads, winning more bids, and growing your margins.  

The most comprehensive list of heavy haul carriers you will find.  Each heavy hauler profile includes all trailer types the carrier operates, preferred lanes, and special notes you need to make margin including, weight limits, hazmat, In-bond, and commodity specializations.

During our telephone interviews we collected the info you need to start covering loads immediately: 


  • ​Full contact info - city, state, phone, MC, email, & website

  • Trailer Types – flat, step, RGN, stretch, axle counts, weight limits, etc.

  • Trailer Fleet size - 5 to 500 trailer trucking companies

  • Preferred Lanes/Regions - Regional, National, Canada, Mexico, etc. 

  • Specializations – C-TPAT, In-bond, Hazmat, Commodities, etc.

  • Notes – hidden margin making gems uncovered during interviews​

Imagine having the ability move the most highly specialized and difficult to cover loads by following these four simple steps: 


  1. Filter heavy haul companies by the criteria that matches your load.

  2. Pick up your telephone and dial the carriers that match your criteria. 

  3. Get stable long term rates and capacity for your loads.  

  4. Go to your customer with accurate rate and capacity info.  





How you can cover more loads, win more bids, and grow your margins.

Are you satisfied with the percentage of load and quote opportunities you and your company converts into sales?


How would you measure the power of turning just a fraction of your lost opportunities into wins? 

What If your team had a database of 1,000 heavy haul carriers to convert just a fraction of your missed opportunities into margin?  Your team could focus on calling the right carriers to move freight, instead of looking for the right carriers to call. 

We all know every minute of every day is extremely important as you are competing with other brokers to cover your customers’ loads at the best possible rates.   

​That’s where CarrierLists can help you and your brokerage win more bids and cover more loads. 

Our database of heavy haul carriers is built by freight brokers specifically for freight brokers.  This means you have the information you need to cover heavy haul loads at your fingertips.  Search and sort heavy haul carriers by backhaul and headhaul lanes from and to any location in the US and Canada.


Plus, every carrier has a complete safety and compliance profile via SaferWatch.  So, you'll have the confidence that when you're talking to carriers who comply with your standards. 

Put yourself in this scenario:

You’re building trust with a customer.  You’re moving more and more legal loads with her every month.  One day she is stuck because her heavy haul broker who does most of her permitted loads isn't getting the job done.

So she hands you the opportunity. You gladly accept it.  You are already counting those juicy heavy haul margins.  The only problem is none of the carriers you typically use have capacity.   

You post the loads on a couple of boards. Then you wait...and you wait...and you realize...no one is calling. Not even other brokers fishing for information.

How do you search for heavy haul carriers if they don't call on your posted loads?

 What do you do now?  How do you find trucking companies that do permitted or heavy loads in Georgia or Florida or New Jersey or California or Illinois?

Do you start calling posted trucks on the load boards? I did too.  You’re lucky to find one heavy haul truck posted. 


Do you search your TMS system for any heavy haul trucking companies you can find?  Been there done that.  How accurate are the carrier profiles in your TMS system?  If your TMS is anything like mine, then it is all just one big crap shoot.

After I had gone through the options above I usually just stared at my screen with my head in my hands.  I won't lie either...I cursed under my breath.  How about you?

Desperately googling as panic starts to take hold.

The only thing l could think to do at this point was to Google "list of heavy haul trucking companies in the Southeast, or Texas, or Canada, or Illinois."  Or wherever my load is picking up from or delivering to at the end.  

Have you ever tried this? 
Did you find the online directories that pop up on the first page of search helpful?  


They all seem to be inactive with only a handful of trucking companies…or are most of the listings 3PLs only?


It’s hard to tell the listings apart.  None have the trailer types, specialties, or regions for any of the carriers listed.  You just have to call blindly to find out if you're in the ballpark.  

How much time have you wasted calling the wrong carriers?  How frustrated do you get knowing you are in a losing position?  

I finally reached my limit of frustration.  Tired of finding myself in losing situations trying to make long shots happen.  So, I started doing some homework, and learned how to create the most comprehensive, and profitable heavy haul list of trucking companies you will find anywhere. 

In short, I created a super list of heavy haul trucking companies.  A super list that would take the best freight brokers years to put together on their own.  





How you can build a Rolodex of heavy haul carriers in less than 5 minutes.

What I needed (really what we all need) was a pre-qualified or vetted list of heavy haul trucking companies.  A list where every single carrier is qualified as a trucking company specializing in hauling over weight or over width permitted loads.  

A list where anyone of us can easily find the carriers matching our loads, and be on the phone checking capacity and rates within 30 seconds.  This means you can stop calling random carriers, and start targeting the carriers you know specialize in heavy haul and run the same regions as your load.  


So, after a few months of research I finally learned how to build this super list of heavy haul trucking companies.  

How did we build it? 


We've built it and maintain it by doing the hard, boring, tedious work of calling carriers So far we've called over 35,000 carriers with between 5 and 500 trucks in their fleet. 


During our telephone calls we've collected the data that freight brokers need to move loads on over 25,000 fleets.   This inlcudes trailer types, preferred lanes, specializations like teams, and updated phone and email info for dispatch and sales. 

Plus, all have comprehensive profiles along with full safety and compliance info from SaferWatch.  

Phenomenal ROI – Your 1st load will pay for your CarrierList.

How much margin can you make with a database of over 25,000 trucking companies?   That's up to you, but for only $279 per month (for six unique logins) it only takes one load per user to make multiples on your investment.  


What I can tell you though is that our customers regularly make 50x their investment on their monthly subscription.  

Why CarrierLists will become your brokerage's go to sourcing tool for all of your oversized/overweight loads: 

  • ​Start covering loads today using a database of 25,000 carriers that would take top freight brokers years to build. 


  • Create a competitive edge immediately - start walking into meetings knowing you can win lanes your competitors can't even think of touching.  


  • Target specific trailer types and regions – Start sourcing with pinpoint accuracy and stop wasting your time calling random carriers. 


  • Generate an incredible ROI – our customers typically make 50x their monthly subscription. 


  • Use your new Rolodex of carriers to start covering your lost heavy haul load opportunities – turn those misses into real margin today.  


  • Start your heavy haul empire today – Close new business you've lost out on in the past. 


  • Simple searches, just check the boxes and go – start covering loads in less than 30 seconds – no training needed.  


  • Take control today – never sweat the load boards again when your phone lines aren't lighting up over your posts. 


  • Start winning more bids – by leaving the spot market quotes where they belong…in the trash.  


  • Retention, Retention, Retention – The tools to succeed are the key to retaining your team.