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North American Van Carriers 


  • 7,500 profiles of van carriers in the USA and Canada​.

    • Fleet sizes: 5 to 500 tractors.

    • 1,200 carriers with teams.

    • 600 carriers who run LTL

    • 850 Canadian based carriers. 

    • 180 thru trailer Mexico carriers

  • Total hidden capacity: 325k trucks, and 625K trailers.​

  • Free updated CarrierLists with fresh emails and inactive carriers removed every 90 days.  

Price: $749.00

*All carriers updated and verified as of August 2017​  **Updated lists are sent to customers each quarter



With your new North American Van Carriers List, you will have your list in one simple download, allowing you to start seeing positive returns after 3 to 5 loads. Start turning your lost opportunities into margin.  

All carriers interviewed via telephone and include:

  • Full Contact Information: Phone, Email, City, State, 3 Digit Zip, Website, MC, USDOT

  • Trailer Mode Descriptions: Van, Flatbed, Conestoga, or Step Deck

  • Total Trailer Fleet Counts: Carriers with fleets from 5 to 500 trailers. 

  • Operating Lanes/Regions: Regional, National, Canada, Mexico, etc.

  • Detailed Specializations: Teams, In-bond, Cross-border, Hotshots, LTL, etc.

  • Color Commentary: Additional hidden margin making gems uncovered during our interviews

With CarrierLists your team will instantly have the most comprehensive and easy to use carrier sourcing tool on the market.  Within a few clicks your team will be winning more bids, covering more loads, and making more margin.  

For more information or a quick demo, give us a call at 918-500-5524, or shoot us an email at


We understand that you may not have a need for our Van list however, we do believe that we have a list to fit your specific need.  If the 10k list isn't for you, check out our other great sourcing tools.

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Freight brokers searching carriers by area codes

Freight brokers searching carriers by area codes

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