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RESULTS AS OF: 1/29/2018

The ELD compliance rate this past week dropped a bit back down to 77%.   This brings our three week moving average down three points to 82%.  

Most of the week to week volatility we're seeing centers around what type of fleets we are calling.  As CarrierLists calls carriers daily to collect information on trailer types, preferred lanes, and specializations it is difficult to predict the mix of ranges and fleet types beforehand.  

The drop in this week's ELD compliance rates are mostly due to this mix.  Of our 202 interviews we had a higher proportion of dry bulk carriers.  Fleets running hoppers, dumps, walking floors, etc.  skew much more to regional operating ranges which as we know has a much lower compliance rate.  

When you add in the agricultural component to dry bulk carriers this will bring the ELD compliance rate down as well.  This is due to the 90 day agricultural extension the FMCSA has granted.  Once this extension runs out in March, then all the agricultural haulers will need to install ELDs.  

You can download our source data below.  As always, Andrew Lockwood with Kenco Group has supplied the analytics below.  You can reach him at andrew.lockwood@kencogroup.com

*This week’s polling based on 202 interviews running fleets from 5 to 100 trucks.

* Please Feel free to use our source data for any research projects. All we ask is that you reference the source data from CarrierLists and the graphics and anaylitics from Kenco Group.  

Please email or call with any questions. 

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Last week we posted the presentation from the investor call we had with Stifel on December 7.  Check out the transcript from the call and some things Andrew Lockwood and CarrierLists founder, Kevin Hill, shared with...


You can view the presentation below, or download the PDF here.  


Last Thursday, CarrierLists (along with Andrew Lockwood) had the opportunity to speak on a conference call with Stifel Investors ​regarding the recent ELD adoption research being done by CarrierLists' researchers.

You can view the presentation below.

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