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RESULTS AS OF: 2/5/2018

This week's ELD survey results spiked seventeen points from last week to 94%.  The three-week average also climbed four points to 86%.  

Over the past three weeks fleets running below 15 tractors have 80% compliance rates, while fleets operating over 15 trucks are at 91%.  

This is consistent with where we have seen the most volatility over the past few weeks.  The leading indicators for lower than average compliance rates remain fleet size (smaller), fleet range (regional), and trailer types (dry bulk).  

We have also included an ELD enforcement map from Commercial Carrier Journal below.  It details ELD enforcement guidelines state by state.  It indicates seventeen states are not writing tickets until April 1, while twelve states are leaving ticket writing discretion to individual inspectors.  The remaining states have no clear defined guidance.  You can also find the full article at CCJ here

Heavy Duty Trucking also has an update out today on OOIDA’s request for a five-year exemption for fleets who can be considered a small business.  The latest letter for request has been co-signed by 25 house members.  As for how this progress it still seems to an exercise in reading the tea leaves.  You can find the full article here

You can download our source data below.  As always, Andrew Lockwood with Kenco Group has supplied the analytics below.  You can reach him at andrew.lockwood@kencogroup.com.

*This week’s polling based on 269 interviews running fleets from 5 to 100 trucks.

* Please Feel free to use our source data for any research projects. All we ask is that you reference the source data from CarrierLists and the graphics and anaylitics from Kenco Group.  

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Last week we posted the presentation from the investor call we had with Stifel on December 7.  Check out the transcript from the call and some things Andrew Lockwood and CarrierLists founder, Kevin Hill, shared with...


You can view the presentation below, or download the PDF here.  


Last Thursday, CarrierLists (along with Andrew Lockwood) had the opportunity to speak on a conference call with Stifel Investors ​regarding the recent ELD adoption research being done by CarrierLists' researchers.

You can view the presentation below.

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