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RESULTS AS OF: 3/26/2018

ELD compliance rates this week dropped one point to 91%.  Our three-week moving average ticked up one point to 88%. 

We are now in the final week before the April 1st ELD enforcement deadline.   A week from today any driver stopped without an ELD will be put out of service for ten hours, before being allowed to proceed to their delivery. 

From our recent polling results along with other ELD compliance surveys we’ve seen it looks like roughly 10% of smaller fleets are still not compliant.

This compliance level has been relatively stable for the past few weeks.  If we look at the moving average over the past six weeks we remain virtually unchanged at 89%. 

DAT also published an ELD compliance survey this week.  It consists of mostly owner operators and shows 91% are now compliant.  The survey is well worth reading as it also includes questions on loading times and miles driven per day. 

The best enforcement guidance going forward that we’ve found has been from Joe DeLorenzo, director of the Office of Enforcement and Compliance at the FMCSA.  Here’s a recap of his Q&A session at the Mid-America Trucking Show from Freightwaves

At least one analyst is warning there will be more out of service violations than expected.  This is based on an examination of three months of soft enforcement since the December 18th deadline.  You can check out the full article here, Commercial Carrier Journal, Analyst warns fleets to expect ‘fire hose’ of ELD violations.  

It will be interesting to see if full enforcement creates chaos in capacity over the next few weeks.  Or, if it is only one more blip on the radar.

You can download our source data below.  As always, Andrew Lockwood with Kenco Group has supplied the analytics below.  You can reach him at andrew.lockwood@kencogroup.com.

*This week’s polling based on 246 interviews running fleets from 5 to 100 trucks.

CarrierLists ELD Surey Results from 3/26/2018
CarrierLists | ELD Compliance Survey for 3/19/2018 | 3-Week Moving Average @87%
CarrierLists | ELD Compliance Survey (3/26/2018) | By Fleet Type
CarrierLists | ELD Compliance Survey (3/26/2018) | Suvey
CarrierLits | 3-week Moving Averagefor 3/26/2018

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Last week we posted the presentation from the investor call we had with Stifel on December 7.  Check out the transcript from the call and some things Andrew Lockwood and CarrierLists founder, Kevin Hill, shared with...


You can view the presentation below, or download the PDF here.  


Last Thursday, CarrierLists (along with Andrew Lockwood) had the opportunity to speak on a conference call with Stifel Investors ​regarding the recent ELD adoption research being done by CarrierLists' researchers.

You can view the presentation below.

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