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RESULTS AS OF: 11/6/2017

The ELD deadline is approaching faster than ever.  We now have 42 days left until this mandate goes into effect. 

Only six weeks away.  30 working days. 

Think about it.  30 working days left for 60% of small fleets to take action, or face fines and safety violations until April 1st. 

On a positive note, this past week was the first week where our sample had more carriers who had ELDs installed than not (58%).    We’re also showing steady acceleration in our 2-week moving average. 

Anything less than 100% adoption though will likely ripple through the trucking market in a tidal wave.   This is a classic example of small changes having outsized effects.  Even at 90% compliance, it will create chaos with capacity and rates, until supply meets up with demand again. 


If nothing else, it will be an interesting ride…


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New weekly polling data added every Monday by 2pm CST.

2 Week Moving Average 

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