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RESULTS AS OF: 11/13/2017

The ELD deadline activity is starting to get heated, as we approach the electronic age of trucking. 

Our survey now has a 45% compliance rate for fleets running 5 to 100 trucks.  This includes fleets who were or are in the process of installing ELDs when interviewed.  

On the bright side the past two weeks have seen a spike in ELD compliance rates.  Last week 68% of the 367 fleets we interviewed told us they are, or are in the process of, becoming compliant.  This acceleration was evident in all fleet sizes.  

Our two week moving average is now at 62%, which is significantly higher than last week's 46%.  

Are there enough sales people, trainers, and hardware to meet demand from 40% to 50% of the fleets over the next few weeks?  Deborah Lockridge at Heavy Duty Trucking asks this question in her article, More Than Half of Small Fleets Not ELD Compliant.  

Two ELD sellers have told us no.  Their deadline for fulfilling orders before Dec. 17th is Wednesday.  Any fleets ordering after Wednesday will not have enough time for programming and instillation, much less the time needed to train drivers and operations.  

Other highlights from last week's 367interviews: 

  • 45% of the 2,300 fleets surveyed since mid-September are or in the process of compliance.

  • The  2-week moving average has spiked to 62%.  

    • The 3 and 4 week moving averages are both 54%​.

  • Best case: 35% to 50% of small fleets have only 5 short weeks to become compliant.

As always our analytics are provided by Andrew Lockwood (Andrew.Lockwood@kencogroup.com) from Kenco:

3 Week Moving Average 

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