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RESULTS AS OF: 11/20/2017

T-minus 28 days until the electronic age of trucking. 

Our November interviews show hope has faded fast for an eleventh-hour stay from the Trump administration.  The holdouts are now acting, and we are seeing a spike in ELD activity to meet the December 18th deadline. 

This increased activity can be seen in the spike between the 3-week moving average (65%), and the 10-week poll average (49%).  This spread has remained steady at around 9 points over the past month.  This week though it spiked to 16 points as the late adopters move. 

It will be interesting to see how the numbers move over the coming weeks.   Will we see compliance rates continue to spike?  Or plateau?  Will the independent drivers and small fleets who have threatened to park their trucks carry through with this threat? Will limited ELD hardware and time force drivers to park their trucks temporarily or face stiff fines as they try to become compliant after the deadline?  

MIT Technology Review points to the resistance to change by drivers, and how vulnerable this makes them with the coming wave of autonomous technology that’s hitting the industry now.

We’ve also added trailer types and operating regions for all fleets in our source data to give you even more insights for your research.

Trends and questions for the next 4 weeks: 

  • 49% of the 2,700 fleets interviewed over the past 10 weeks have been or had started to become compliant.

  • For the past 3 weeks ELD compliance rates have been 57%, 68%, and 70%, respectively(1,135 total interviews).

  • Will fleets use the Thanksgiving holiday to bring in drivers for installs and training? 

  • Is there even enough hardware and/or time left now for the December deadline?

  • Be sure to check out the new trailer and operating range graphs below.

    • Open deck fleets are significantly behind van & reefers on compliance​

    • Same for regional fleets compared to fleets running all 48 states

As always our analytics are provided by Andrew Lockwood (Andrew.Lockwood@kencogroup.com) from Kenco Group:

3 Week Moving Average

* Regional = 150-1000 mile radius

   Super Regional = +1000 miles, but not         nationwide

   Nationwide = coast to coast, all lower 48

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