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RESULTS AS OF: 11/27/2017

Hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving! 

Back in the trucking world, we’ve seen a plateau in compliance rates over the past three weeks at 67%, 70%, and 69% respectively. 

It will be interesting to see how, or if, trucking companies used the Thanksgiving holiday to bring drivers through terminals to do those last minute ELD installs. 

For those fleets who have recently installed ELDs before the deadline, more and more are telling us they are still using paper logs, and have no plans to flip the switch until the last possible moment*. 

What does this mean for productivity changes post December 18th?  Will the hit be even bigger than what ELD compliance rates indicate?  


We also spoke with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (in charge of ELD enforcement) last week.  Here are the major takeaways from our conversation:

  • Official 8-hour training sessions for all inspectors are scheduled for the second week of December.  Depending on what’s covered will determine the final enforcement plan. 

  • As of now the plan is to use 10-hour out of service penalties for trucks without ELDs instead of monetary fines (this could change after training and guidance classes). 

  • Automatic On-board Computers (AOBRS/EOBRS) – All fleets using these devices as substitutes for ELDs must self-register them with the FMCSA before December 18th.  If it hasn’t been self-registered, then the AOBRS/EOBRS device will be treated as if it does not exist. 

  • The recent 90-day agricultural extension covers trucks only when they are transporting approved items on the list.  So ELDs will still be required to be in use with any backhauls of commodities not covered in the exemption. 

 *Fleets who tell us ELDs have been installed, but aren’t in use yet are marked as compliant, since the hardware is in the cab and ready. 

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