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RESULTS AS OF: 12/4/2017

We're coming down the home stretch.  Only two weeks left until the December 18th ELD deadline.   

This past week we saw the first uptick in ELD compliance rates since early November.  The past three weeks had held steady at 67%, 70%, and 69% respectively.  This week though 75% of the 361 fleets we spoke to (running between 5 and 100 trucks) were ready for the deadline. 

This brings our 3 week moving average up to 72%, and the 12 week average up to 53%. 

Andrew has included a truly awesome ELD compliance map of the USA this week based on the 3,200 interviews  we've conducted so far.  Interestingly enough two states who rank near the top of registered trucking companies, Texas and California, are in the bottom third when in comes to ELD compliance rates.  


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3 Week Moving Average - 72%

ELD Compliance by Carrier's Home State

ELD Compliance Rate by Fleet Size 

* Regional = 150-1000 mile radius

   Super Regional = +1000 miles, but not nationwide

   Nationwide = coast to coast, all lower 48

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