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RESULTS AS OF: 12/11/2017

One very short week away from the ELD deadline, and compliance rates remain unchanged from last week. 

The past two weeks have both shown that 75% of smaller fleets are ready for the deadline.  This is based on 364 and 420 interviews respectively. 

Our three-week moving average moves up two points to 74%. 

The most striking divergence over the past few weeks is between longer haul and regional carriers.  

Nationwide & Super Regional compliance rates are now hovering at 90%, while regional carriers (running under a radius of 1,000 miles) haven’t broken 70% and have spent the past three weeks on a downward trend. 

For ELD enforcement concerns, the only consistency we can find is confusion.    Training for most state inspectors has only now begun, so enforcement plans are still non-existent. 

In our article of the week, Todd Dills with Overdrive checks with his sources on ELD enforcement.  He also found it's anyone’s guess how strict or lenient enforcement will be until April 1st.  Though fines and temporary out of service orders are on the table for all trucks without ELDs on December 18th. 

Articles of the week:

Overdrive - ELDs: What to expect from enforcement as the mandate descends

American Trucker- OOIDA warns of impending ELD enforcement ‘confusion’

As always we'd like to thank Andrew Lockwood with Kenco Group for all of the fantastic graphs and analytics.  You can reach him at: Andrew.Lockwood@kencogroup.com.  

3 Week Moving Average

ELD Compliance Rates by Fleet size. 

Based on past 3 weeks of interviews. 

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