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RESULTS AS OF: 12/18/2017

So it begins, the electronic age of trucking is now upon us.  

We are now one day into the ELD era.  Where to from here?  

I wish I knew, but it's anyone's guess.  We'll just have to wait and see.  

What I do know is we aren't going to see full ELD compliance any time soon.  This past week compliance rates dipped a bit to 72%*.  This drops the three-week moving average down one point to 74%.  

The common themes we've been hearing from fleets over the past two weeks are: we have them on order, and we have our ELDs and will be ready by December 18th.

With so many ELD devices on back order it could be weeks, if not months before all the devices are delivered and installed.  Land Line had an excellent blog posting on this topic last week.  It seems some ELD sellers are telling drivers all they need to do is show inspectors their ELD receipts as proof of compliance. 

As you might guess, this doesn’t meet the guidelines for compliance.  

For those fleets claiming they’ll be ready by the deadline, this week’s interviews should let us know how accurate those statements have been.   We have now crossed into a very black and white environment where there are only two answers, 1) ELDs are installed and activated, or 2) ELDs are not up and running. 

We’ll know soon enough, as we’ve heard this enough that it should move the needle on compliance rates this week.  

For enforcement, Todd Dills at Overdrive spent the first day with Kentucky inspectors and has a run down of ELD enforcement examples and plans, ELD-Day: On the ground with enforcement in Kentucky as truckers, officers adjust to new logs reality

In any case, CarrierLists wishes everyone Happy Holidays and we’ll have more info for you on Tuesday.  

As always, we'd like to thank Andrew Lockwood with Kenco Group for all of the fantastic graphs and analytics.  You can reach him at: Andrew.Lockwood@kencogroup.com.  

I have also included the transcript and presentation from the December 7th Stifel Investor call in which Andrew and I presented.  You can review both below.

*This week’s polling based on 303 interviews running fleets from 5 to 100 trucks.

3 Week Moving Average

* Please Feel free to use our source data for any research projects. All we ask is that you reference the source data from CarrierLists and the graphics and anaylitics from Kenco Group.  

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Last week we posted the presentation from the investor call we had with Stifel on December 7.  Check out the transcript from the call and some things Andrew Lockwood and CarrierLists founder, Kevin Hill, shared with...


You can view the presentation below, or download the PDF here.  


Last Thursday, CarrierLists (along with Andrew Lockwood) had the opportunity to speak on a conference call with Stifel Investors ​regarding the recent ELD adoption research being done by CarrierLists' researchers.

You can view the presentation below.

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