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19,000+ profiles of carriers in the USA and Canada

  • Total hidden capacity: 600,000 trucks, and 1,000,000 trailers.

    • 2,000 hazmat carriers

    • 6,500 refrigerated carriers

    • 9,000 van & 4,800 flatbed carriers

    • 800 heavy haulers

    • 2,000 team carriers

    • 800 LTL carriers 

*All carriers updated and verified as of April 2018​ 


With your new North American Trucking Companies: 19,000 edition, you will have all carriers in one simple downloadable list allowing you to start seeing positive returns after only a few loads. Start turning your lost opportunities into margin!

All carriers interviewed via telephone and include:

  • Full Contact Information: Phone, Email, City, State, 3 Digit Zip, Website, MC, USDOT

  • Trailer Mode Descriptions: Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Intermodal, Tanker, Conestoga, Pnuematic, Heavy Hauler, etc. 

  • Total Trailer Fleet Counts: Carriers with fleets from 5 to 500 trailers. 

  • Operating Lanes/Regions: Regional, National, Canada, Mexico, etc.

  • Detailed Specializations: Teams, In-bond, C-TPAT, Hotshots, Hazmat, Produce, LTL, Warehousing, etc.

  • Color Commentary: Additional hidden margin making gems uncovered during our interviews

With CarrierLists your team will instantly have the most comprehensive and easy to use carrier sourcing tool on the market.  Within a few clicks your team will be winning more bids, covering more loads, and making more margin.  

We understand that you may not have a need for our 15k list however, we do believe that we have a list to fit your specific need.  If the 15k list isn't for you, check out our other great sourcing tools.

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