Hazmat Resources

We gathered all hazmat links we've sent out previously into one easy location. The first two links are handy references for any and all of your hazmat loads. Both of these Fed guides have saved us more than once with placards and classifications. FMCSA Hazmat Placard Guide

Description: Easy to use 4 page PDF with class descriptions and images of the placards needed. PHMSA List of Hazardous Materials Descriptions

Description: this list is in Excel so you can easily search specific materials quickly. The links below are for your international moves into or out of Mexico and/or Canada. These loads can get complicated…it only takes a tiny error to get your carrier held up at the border, as your customer nervously starts pacing the floor. Transport Canada -Hazardous Materials PHMSA - Mexico - Regulation for the Land Transport of Hazmat Shipments

PHMSA - Mexico - Hazmat - Website

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