Leads, Leads, Leads

It's all about leads, leads, leads...isn't it? Whether you're a new freight broker starting out or have an established book of business, you can never have too many leads. Here are our favorite resources for prospecting leads:


Website: http://www.iqsdirectory.com/

The directory includes links to hundreds of industrial associations in North America. You can spend years going through membership lists. You can find contacts for each company on LinkedIn.


Website: https://hunter.io/

We most likely found your email using our favorite site, Email Hunter. Just enter the company’s domain and out comes all the known email formats. It really is the perfect tool for prospecting.

We hope you’re taking advantage of the free download lists. If you haven't done so already, schedule a demo and learn how to search carriers in an efficient and effective way using CarrierLists.

Best, Kevin

P.S. – You can follow this link to schedule your personal demo of CarrierLists Online, https://calendly.com/khill-carrierlists/30min.

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