Which freight apps are winning market share?

We wanted to share a recent UBS analyst report we recieved a couple weeks ago. It's the first research we've seen that dives deep into the freight app market. One of the most interesting insights details the marketshare of freight apps in brokerage, along with which apps dominate the app market itself. This includes which apps dominate within just the new players (Uber, Convoy, Trucker Path), along with the established guys (CH Robinson, JB Hunt, DAT, Truckstop). You can check out the full report here: U.S. Truck Brokerage: Will CHRW Get "Uber-ed"? UBS Evidence Lab Analysis + Industry Contacts Suggest They Will Not Or, you can also check out the recap here: UBS: Brokerage incumbents reign supreme. Disruptors not a major factor.

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