HOS Violations and Smaller Fleets

We wanted to share some preliminary HOS and ELD research our friends at Michigan State, Arkansas, and Northeastern have been working on lately. The massive spikes and declines in HOS violations by the OOs and smaller fleets is very interesting when compared with the stability of larger fleets.

Anaylsis from the authors:

(i) We see that small carriers initially saw a dramatic spike in total HOS violation rates once December 18 hit and then started to improve slightly. The largest two size strata were completely unaffected. (ii) Rates of violation reduction appear to have become more pronounced after the April 1 hard enforcement deadline for the smaller carriers relative to the decline after the December 18 "soft" enforcement deadline. Now, in contrast to this, some additional results suggest that serious HOS violations did begin declining after December 18 for the smaller carriers, the larger carriers were unaffected. The next angle we are exploring is whether speeding violations increased for the smaller carriers after December 18 given that violating HOS rules to increase productivity became less feasible, coupled with reduced ability to "fudge" hours worked. For more info please contact the authors at: Jason Miller, PhD Assistant Professor of Logistics Michigan State University mill2831@broad.msu.edu https://broad.msu.edu/facultystaff/mill2831/ Andy Balthrop, PhD Visiting Assistant Professor Univeristy of Arkansas abalthrop@walton.uark.edu https://economics.uark.edu/directory.php?id=atbalthr Alex Scott, PhD Assistant Professor, Supply Chain and Information Management Northeastern University f.scott@northeastern.edu http://www.damore-mckim.northeastern.edu/faculty/s/scott-alex

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