What exactly is driver coercion?

Driver coercion rules are now two and half years old, but there's quite a bit of confusion for brokers and shippers. Here are a few quick tips and links to help you out. What exactly is driver coercion? The short answer is driver coercion happens when a broker, shipper, or carrier threatens to withhold work, pay, or other benefits from a driver for refusing to violate any FMCSA regulation. Typically this is in the form of coercing drivers to break HOS or safety regulations in order to meet deadlines. Who can be held responsible? Essentially anyone who has power over a drivers duties and/or pay. Those found threatening a driver (phone, email, text, etc.) with short pays, cancelling future loads, or firing them unless they violate regulations, will be in hot water. How much can you be fined? Up to $16,000 per incident...so be careful and tread lightly.


FMCSA Driver Coercion Rule

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