Why we created CarrierLists.


We were tired of losing out on bids and loads, because we couldn't find the carriers who were running the equipment and lanes we needed. YOUR ONLY OPTIONS UNTIL NOW HAVE BEEN:

  • LOAD BOARDS: Work like a charm when carriers call you. If you’re forced to call carriers with posted trucks? Be prepared to go get a second mortgage!

  • TMS: 80% are one and done carriers. 20% are inactive. By the time you wrangle a readable lane search from your TMS you’re off battling six other fires.

  • YOUR LIST: You've created a list of a dozen or so preferred carriers. How long did it take you to put it together? What happens when you have new lanes? Are you starting from scratch each time?

  • FMCSA DATABASES: Full of carriers you call blindly hoping you can find a match, instead of disconnected numbers, private fleets, and dispatchers who just hang up on you.

  • GOOGLE: If you’re searching online it’s time to just throw in the towel, go to the track, and put your cash on a 60 to 1 long shot. At least you'll get some fresh air.


We ran into these same problems when we were brokers. So, we started pulling and calling thousands of carriers on the FMCSA database. We've taken out all the tow trucks, disconnected numbers, and private fleets for you. What you're left with are for hire trucking companies listed by trailer types, preferred lanes, and specializations. We've also collected dispatch emails for you, so you can set up quick load blasts. Now with a few clicks of your mouse, you can skip over all the time wasting searches, and go straight to the carriers you need to win more bids, cover more loads, and make more margin. Book a live demo with us here. YouTube: Learn how to search for backhaul carriers in less than 2 minutes. Start your Free 7-Day Trial of CarrierLists in SaferWatch Now.

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