Survey: How is the ELD mandate is impacting miles driven per day?

Our latest survey investigates how the ELD mandate is impacting carrier productivity. The key metric we used in our survey of 468 small fleets in the USA and Canada is miles driven per day.

To standardize our results we asked each carrier how they feel ELDs have impacted their miles per day in percentages. This includes:

  • No change in miles per day

  • 0 to 5% fewer miles

  • 6% to 15% fewer miles

  • more than 15% fewer miles

Our results indicate flatbeds and intermodal carriers have faired the best. On the flip side reefer and dry van carriers have taken the biggest hits in miles per day.

And as expected those running the most miles have taken the biggest dings on productivity.

This probably explains why reefers and vans are the two modes experiencing more hits to miles per day than modes who traditionally run regional and local lanes.

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