Learn the ins and outs of searching CarrierLists OnLine

You can learn the ins and outs of searching CarrierLists for the capacity you need on YouTube. We've created our first two short tutorials, and plan on adding more on a weekly basis.

Below you'll find out how to search for carriers who are already running your lanes in mere seconds. We start with searching for back haul carriers and then pivot to find more options with carriers running head hauls.

Back Hauls

Our research team has called every single carrier in our database to collect the necessary information you need to book loads.

Skip this painful process and jump straight to contacting the carriers who match your need.

What you'll find when searching CarrierLists:

  • 750,000 trucks of capacity (roughly 50% of the OTR market)

  • Full contact info: city, state, phone, email, & website

  • Trailer Modes: van, reefer, flatbed, heavy haul, cross-border, etc.

  • Trailer Fleet size: 5 to 100 trucks

  • Operating Lanes/Regions: Regional, National, International, cross-border, etc.

  • Specializations: Teams, Heavy/Oversize, LTL, Warehousing, etc.

  • Color commentary: hidden margin making gems uncovered during interviews​

​Set up your full demo of CarrierLists now at https://calendly.com/khill-carrierlists/30min.

You can also start your 7-day free trial of CarrierLists OnLine in SaferWatch at, www.SaferWatch.com.

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