What's the true capacity of the for hire trucking market?

The more you work with the1.9m records in the FMCSA census file the more you realize that creating a database with 50% of the true for-hire capacity isn't a crazy unattainable goal. It can be done with as little as 25,000 carriers. WHAT'S THE SIZE OF THE ENTIRE TRUCKING MARKET? Let's break the trucking market down as short and simple as we can as listed in the FMCSA database:

  • 1.9m companies with USDOT numbers operating 3.5m semi-trucks (private & for hire).

  • 250k of these are registered for-hire carriers with interstate MC numbers operating roughly 1.5m to 1.7m semi- trucks.

  • Only 20% of these for-hire carriers with MC numbers operate over 5 semi-trucks.

HOW MANY MC NUMBERS ARE REALLY ACTIVE AND FOR-HIRE? That's a good question, because the MC numbers registered in the FMCSA census file is littered with disconnected numbers, ghost MCs and private fleets.

  • 10% of all for hire semi-trucks are operated by the largest 250 trucking companies operating fleets of more than 500 trucks.

  • 10% tp 15% of all hire semi-trucks are operated by private fleets, who have for hire authority, but do not haul commercial freight.

  • 5% tp 10% of all hire semi-trucks are registered to carriers who have disconnected numbers listed.

  • 5% to 10% of all hire semi-trucks are registered to carriers who have never answered the phone.

HOW MANY FOR HIRE TRUCKS DOES THAT LEAVE US WITH? This removes approximately 450,000 registered for hire semi-trucks from the FMCSA data, leaving us with 1m to 1.25m for hire semi-trucks on the road today. CarrierLists has now called and interviewed over 25,000 fleets running 5 to 500 semi-trucks to collect info on trailer types, preferred lanes and specializations. These 25,000 carriers operate 600k to 700k semi-trucks, which is roughly 50% of all for hire capacity on the road today.

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