How to source Team Drivers in a fraction of the time it takes you now.

Teams are easy to find when you only need a single driver. They call on your load postings asking for a premium, because they will run your lane as a team.

If they are actually a team or not is entirely another question for another time.

When you do need a team though you usually can't find one. Whether it's a last minute load, or a hot quote you need to send off to your customer.

If you have CarrierLists though you have a huge selection of teams to call.

How to Search for Team Drivers

Our research team has scoured the FMCSA database calling over 30,000 carriers.

Out of our calls we've identified 2,200 carriers who run teams.

This means our users are making calls to only team drivers, instead of most freight brokers who are hoping they'll calls from the load boards or who are wasting time trying to find teams on google or searching blindly from the FMCSA list.

Here are the teams you'll find on CarrierLists:

  • Dry van teams - 1,500

  • Reefer teams - 850

  • Flatbed teams - 500

What you'll find when searching CarrierLists:

  • 700,000 trucks of capacity (roughly 50% of the OTR market)

  • Full contact info: city, state, phone, email, & website

  • Trailer Modes: van, reefer, flatbed, heavy haul, cross-border, etc.

  • Trailer Fleet size: 5 to 100 trucks

  • Operating Lanes/Regions: Regional, National, International, cross-border, etc.

  • Specializations: Teams, Heavy/Oversize, LTL, Warehousing, etc.

  • Color commentary: hidden margin making gems uncovered during interviews​

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