The art and science of heavy haul rates

Getting quotes from heavy haulers is part art and part science. Which part is more important says quite a bit about the information you have to work with.

Most brokers fall into the art category. I know I did when I was a freight broker. I had a short list of carriers I would call to get quotes for every heavy haul project that came my way.

If the weight, dims, commodity, and lane were a good fit for my go to carriers, then my rates were pretty good. If the loads weren't a good fit, then I was operating with a heavily padded quote.

It didn't take me long to realize that I needed a super list of heavy haul carriers. Heavy haulers that were based in all parts of the country who ran every imaginable commodity and lane.

And this is what CarrierLists was created to do. To make it easy for you to find two or three carriers who are already running the weight, trailer, commodity, and lanes you are looking for.

Imagine being able to make five phone calls and get three quotes from carriers who are fantastic fits for your heavy haul loads. You then have true market rates that your competitors only which they had.

Using this method will increase your odds of winning more of those big margin heavy haul loads.

You can learn more about using CarrierLists to win more bids and make more margin here, CarrierLists YouTube Tutorials.

Or, to book a live demo with our team you can pick a time that works best for you here,

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