CarrierLists Survey: HOS, what would you like to change the most?

While the window has now closed for public comments on HOS changes, it doesn't mean you have to hold your opinion to yourself. Luckily our carrier partners don't have an issue letting us know what they think. In early October we surveyed all 25,000 of them to get their opinions on what HOS rules they would change. Here are the results, along with a few comments below:

Driver Suggestions:

"Allow drivers to go off duty when loading or unloading. If shippers/receivers are taking 6+ hour to load/unload then how can you stay on track. Drivers are forced to drive past their physical capacity." "I like all of the above. Even better to me would be, a driver with a least 10 years experience, and no citations wouldn't need a log book. I know I stop when I'm tired. I don't need some POS computer telling me to stop." "This is the most unsafe rule they have ever implemented if you get tired you should be allowed to stop and take a break. Nap then resume your day and not be harmed by not being able to make a good days wages because you got tired. That to me would be the safest application to the rule." "I think a major revision is required. Having the clock stop at 14 hours only makes tired drivers carry on. Before, they could stop and have a rest without using up their only available time." "Would like to see fines for shippers and receivers holding up carriers. Nothing has changed!! You put all these rules and regulations on the drivers and did nothing to the shippers! After three hours of waiting they should be fined by the carrier and the FMCSA! All they did was make it harder on those of us that actually show up to work and did nothing to the fat cat sitting behind the desk ignoring his dock."

2019 Carrier Expectations Survey Results - Frieght Volumes, Rates, and Diesel Prices

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