HOS Phone Survey: What would you like to change the most?

In early October of 2018 we conducted an email survey of 214 small fleets to find out which hours of service rules carriers would change, if they could ony pick one.

We followed this up with a phone survey of 204 small fleets to see if there would be a significant difference from this method and an online questionnaire.

What we found is that the answers followed the same trends as the original email survey.

While allowing breaks to stop the 14-hour clocks handily beat the leading email answer of, extending HOS by an hour, the combined totals of both answers were well above three-quarters of all respondents in each survey.

The public comment period for HOS rules did close a little bit over a month ago. With that said HOS rules will remain a hot topic as drivers at smaller fleets continue adjusting to life with ELDs.

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