How close are we to the post-fax machine era in trucking?

To answer this question CarrierLists surveyed 86 small fleets, those operating 5 to 50 tractors. Our primary objective was to determine if the stereotypes of dispatch offices still hold true.

Small fleets are a crucial segment that accounts for roughly 25% of the for-hire trucks on the road. Small fleets are also large enough to have regimented processes but have not quite hit the size needed to begin unlocking scalable efficiencies larger fleets can attain.

So, are dispatchers still using fax machines, emails attached to free domains, and spreadsheets to run the business?

How many have even heard of blockchain?

What Technologies do small fleets use for dispatch and accounting?

It comes as no surprise almost all small fleets use telephone and email to dispatch loads. While the digitization of trucking is on its way, we are still at the very early stages.

The perfect example of what stage the digitization of freight is in is the dead heat with usage rates among faxes, mobile apps, and TMS software. All three logged in around 30% for dispatchers.

While there may never be enough baseball bats to completely wipe out faxes in trucking, it is rather surprising to see such low usage of TMS software and mobile apps.

How familiar are small fleets with blockchain software?

Very few people on the street can even begin to explain what or how to use blockchain technologies. If you are clueless about blockchain, I will warn you now not to ask us, as our explanation will leave you worse off than where you started.

However, we were very interested in finding out how much smaller fleets knew about blockchain. What we found out is 90% of the carriers we surveyed told us they had never either never heard of blockchain or had no idea what it is.

This should be music to the ears of all blockchain startups as the trucking industry is a huge wide-open market that will generate billions in revenue for those who develop and market the winning software platforms.

Research Methodology

In November 2018, CarrierLists surveyed 86 for-hire fleets via email from CarrierLists database of 25,000 fleets. Each fleet in the survey operates between 5 and 50 class-8 semi tractors. Each fleet also runs at least one of the following trailer types: dry vans, refrigerated, or flatbeds.

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