Who's winning the Freight App Wars?

In January 2019 CarrierLists surveyed small fleets running 1 to 3 trucks via email to gauge which apps are the most popular with drivers.

We measured the popularity of each app by what we call “stickiness", which is calculated by dividing regular usage by downloads for each app.

This survey builds off UBS’s research last year, U.S. Truck Brokerage Will CHRW Get "Uber-ed"? UBS Evidence Lab Analysis + Industry Contacts Suggest They Will Not. This report is well worth a read as it tries to determine the size of the freight app market by analyzing app download rates from Google and Apple.

While UBS could estimate app market by download rates, the question of usage or “stickiness” is a bit trickier unless you ask drivers directly.

In turn this survey doesn’t measure the size of the freight app market, only market share within it.

What we found is while startups are piling into the market, the incumbents are still at the top of the leaderboard.

It's still very early in the game, and gaining market share is a long process. That's why we plan on keeping score by conducting this survey quarterly.

You can view the full results from our 112 respondents below.

You can also check out Freightwaves’ analysis of the survey at, Load-matching app downloads and stickiness leaderboard released by CarrierLists.

*JB Hunt 360 was not included but will be in future surveys.

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