[PODCAST] The State of Freight Pricing & What Carriers Want for “Shipper of Choice” Status

In early March 2019 CarrierLists sat down with Adam Robinson and "The Freight Project Podcast" to discuss current trends in capacity, pricing, and how shippers and brokers can develop stronger relationships with their carrier base.

Click here to listen now and here our thoughts on:

  • What carriers are looking for that would make a shipper be considered “Shipper of Choice.”

  • The difference between contract rates & spot rates and where CarrierLists thinks freight pricing is headed for the rest of 2019.

  • An outlook on if we are headed for a freight recession in 2019 & if the freight market, and thus freight pricing, will shift to be more advantageous for shippers near the end of the year and heading into 2020.

  • How the ELD mandate is ultimately a long term positive change in the industry that will allow for more data gathering, analysis, and increased collaboration as shippers build out their own carrier databases made up of the best carriers for their freight.

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