Fleets using a factoring service

We all know trucking is a capital intensive industry. Payroll, maintenance, and fuel are just the start of the daily expenses.

With this in mind, CarrierLists conducted a phone survey to determine what percentage of smaller fleets factor invoices, along with what percentage rates they typically paid.

The survey was conducted in December 2018 and January 2019 and included a sample size of 267 small fleets. Each fleet operated between 5 and 100 trucks and all ran some combination of dry vans, reefers, or flatbeds.

The results below show that almost 40% of all carriers surveyed factor at least some of their loads.

The average, median, and mean percentage paid for factoring services all ranged under 2%. The highest percentage rates paid were 3%, while the smallest was only 1%.

*Quick Pay services provided by freight brokerages and shippers were not included as factoring services in this survey.

You can download the full data for the survey here.

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