Which fleets are in the CarrierLists database?

One of the first questions we are asked at CarrierLists is what type of fleets are listed in our database. This includes fleet sizes, trailer types, and specializations, along with where they are headquartered.

The following graphs should answer all of these questions. But let's look at how many trucking companies are really out there operating. The following table is from a research project we did with FreightWaves and Michigan State University. You can read more about it here, Who's really hauling spot market freight?

The main point for our discussion here though is that there are at most 227,063 interstate carriers operating. Of these carriers, 80% operate 1 to 3 tractors. While this is a staggering figure these fleets only control 14% of the tractors on the road.

Much more capacity can be found with fleets running 4 to 100 tractors. While these carriers represent only 20% of the carrier count they control 35% of all interstate trucking capacity.

This is where CarrierLists helps your team source more loads. As you can see from the table below with only 25,524 carriers listed in our database with trailer, lane, and contact info for almost half of all for-hire interstate tractors on the road.

The chart below shows the same carrier and fleet info as the table above.

Here is the breakdown of what trailers our 25,000 plus carriers pull:

*Carrier counts will exceed the carriers found in CarrierLists as some fleets pull multiple types of trailers.

Carrier and tractor capacity by specialization:

Carrier and tractor capacity by state/province:

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