Carrier Insights with Logistics of Logistics

Founder, Kevin Hill sat down with Joe Lynch with Logistics of Logistics to talk about what we have learned interviewing 30,000 transportation carriers.


00:25 – Joe introduces Kevin Hill to the show 01:32 – Kevin talks about CarrierLists 02:52 – The process in creating the database 05:17 – Kevin’s insights from the work they did in creating the list 05:43 – MC (Motor Carrier) Numbers 08:41 – LTL (less than load) vs Truckload 11:58 – Carrier Attitudes — What Kevin learned from talking to thousands of carriers 16:00 – The % of trucks moving with brokers vs having direct relationship with the shipper 20:14 – The effect of ELD to both carriers and shipper 22:09 – Data Revolution in logistics 23:38 – Kevin’s final advice for those in the carrier network

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