Why CarrierLists will become your new secret load covering weapon.

  • Start covering loads today using lists that take top freight brokers years to build – yours to use in less than 5 clicks of your mouse

  • Target specific trailer types and regions – Start sourcing with pinpoint accuracy and stop wasting your time calling random carriers

  • Create a competitive edge immediately - start walking into meetings knowing you can win lanes your competitors can't even think of touching

  • Generate an incredible ROI – your FIRST load pays for your premium CarrierList of over 400 carriers

  • Use your new Rolodex of carriers to start covering your lost load opportunities – turn those missed loads into real margin today

  • Start your empire today – Close new business you've lost out on in the past

  • Plug and Play Excel – Download now and start covering loads in less than 2 minutes – no training needed

  • Start taking control today –never sweat the load boards again when your phone lines aren't lighting up over your posts

  • Start winning more bids – by leaving the spot market quotes where they belong…in the trash

  • Retention, Retention, Retention – Giving your team the tools to succeed is the key to increasing output and reducing turnover

  • Works like a well-used internal list – Trailer types, operating regions, emails, and specializations like team drivers, oversized, international, etc.…all verified by telephone interviews

  • No user restrictions – ONE purchase and your premium CarrierList is licensed to your entire company FOREVER 

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P.S - Please feel free to call us at 918-500-5524, 24/7/365 with any questions you may have about CarrierLists.  We are always available and love talking shop with you.  

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