You Control Your loads, Or Your Loads Control You. 

Sourcing carriers for your loads is often difficult. Especially with capacity as tight as it is right now.

Most brokers usually follow this progression to source carriers for loads or quotes.

  1. Calling a regular carrier - for your established lanes only

  2. Posting on a load board - great when it works.

  3. Calling posted trucks - Get ready to open your wallet.

  4. Search your TMS - Hopefully you have good data.

  5. FMCSA List - Raw data that has no specifics, only disconnected numbers and noise. 

  6. Google - Usually when you throw up your hands.

Don't you agree it's almost impossible to cover loads if you can't find carriers with load boards or in your system already?

This is where CarrierLists carrier profiles can help you win more bids and cover more loads.   We've designed our database to make it easy for you to find the carriers who are already running the equipment and lanes you need. 

No more getting beat down by the carriers you're cold calling.  No more searching generic FMCSA databases guessing trailer info by commodities hauled.  No more disconnected numbers, private fleets, or tow trucks.  

We've done all this  grueling cold calling for you.  What you're left with are only for hire fleets who have told us what trailers they have, where they like to operate, and how they like to be contacted.  


With a few clicks of your mouse, you can find and contact the carriers who can make you margin.