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"Booked 4 loads right off the bat using our new list. Need we say more?"

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North American Team Drivers
2,200 US and Canadian Based Trucking Companies running Teams

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Your sourcing tool for covering more loads, winning more bids, and growing your margins.  

CarrierLists is packed with the actionable trucking info you need to source carriers for your next expedited load.  We've qualified all of the refrigerated trucking companies on our list for you.  We did this by speaking with each and every one of the 6,500 refrigerated trucking companies in our database. 


During our telephone interviews we collected the info you need to start covering loads needing team drivers immediately


  • ​Full contact info - city, state, phone, MC, email, & website

  • Trailer Types – reefer, plus all other trailer modes operated

  • Tractor/Trailer Fleet size - Refrigerated carriers operate between 5 and 500 tractors/trailers

  • Lanes/Regions - Specific US regions, Canada, Mexico, etc.

  • Specializations – Teams, Produce Regions, Hazmat, In-bond, etc.

  • Notes – hidden margin making gems uncovered during interviews​

Imagine having the ability move the most highly specialized and difficult to cover loads by following these four simple steps


  1. Search the specific lanes that matches your load.

  2. Pick up your telephone and dial the carriers that match your criteria. 

  3. Get stable long term rates and capacity for your loads.  

  4. Go to your customer with accurate rate and capacity info. 



How you can build a Rolodex of over 2,000 team drivers in less than 5 minutes.

What all brokers need is a pre-qualified or vetted list of trucking companies.  A list where every single carrier is qualified by trailer types, preferred lanes, specializations, and of course safety ratings.    

A list where anyone of us can easily find carriers, and be on the phone checking capacity and rates within 30 seconds.  This means you can stop calling random carriers, and start targeting the carriers you know the lanes and trailers you need.  


So, after a few months of research I realized this list didn't exist.  So, I decided learned how to build this super list of refrigerated trucking companies.  

How did we build it? 

We've built it and maintain it by doing the hard, boring, tedious work of calling carriers So far we've called over 35,000 carriers with between 5 and 500 trucks in their fleet. 


During our telephone calls we've collected the data that freight brokers need to move loads on over 25,000 fleets.   This inlcudes trailer types, preferred lanes, specializations like teams, and updated phone and email info for dispatch and sales. 

We now have over 2,000 qualified trucking companies running teams in North America.   All have comprehensive profiles along with full safety and compliance info from SaferWatch.  

So don't delay. Try your free 7 Day Free Trial of CarrierLists  today.  Unlock the power of an organized list and start turning lost expedited quotes and loads into real margin today. ​​​​​​



Why CarrierLists will become your brokerage's go to sourcing guide for all of your team driver loads: 

  • Start covering expedited loads today using 2,000 carriers that would take top freight brokers years to build. 

  • Create a competitive edge immediately - start walking into meetings knowing you can win lanes your competitors can't even think of touching.  

  • Target specific  regions – Start sourcing with pinpoint accuracy and stop wasting your time calling random carriers. 

  • Generate an incredible ROI – our customers regularly return 50x on their monthly subscriptions. 

  • Use your new Rolodex of carriers to start covering your lost loads and quotes – turn those missed loads into real margin today.  

  • Start your expedited empire today – Close new business you've lost out on in the past.

  • Simple searches, just check the boxes and go – start covering expedited loads with teams in less than 30 seconds – no training needed.  

  • Take control today – never sweat the load boards again when your phone lines aren't lighting up over your posts. 

  •  Start winning more bids – by leaving the spot market quotes where they belong…in the trash.   

  • Retention, Retention, Retention – The tools to succeed are the keys to retaining your team. 

  • No contracts - go month to month with the first month backed by our 30 day  guarantee.